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Sam V was born on October 1, 1997 and is a proud Cook Island/ Dutch/ Kiwi hybrid with a long history in the music industry. Now at 21 years old, Sam operates as an independent artist within his creative collective, Y$O. With his patented vocal chops, genre diversity, charismatic persona and creativity, Sam is bound to make a significant stamp on the industry over the next few years. Keep tabs before it's cool and check out his tunes. Thank you and



An outstanding R&B vocal talent from a young age, Sam’s abilities had record labels circling when he was only 12 years old - a credit to the success of his YouTube channel. Sam went on to sign with DNK world music at the age of 13, and worked with them until the age of 16, where he began to function as an independent artist. These years served as the equivalent of artist development for Sam, and afforded him the opportunities to work with established NZ talent such as Vince Harder, Donell Lewis and D Love.

Now, at the ripe age of 21, armed with a world of experience, talent (and a degree lol), Sam not only has the creative chops and ambition to succeed - but a likeminded and collective called Y$O. Sam leads Y$O with producer and creative collaborator EDY, and together they’ve begun to slowly distinguish themselves from the pack, completing 2 albums and an EP in 2019, while also doing 8 music videos with more on the way. This has served to elevate their audience and standing in the industry, particularly on streaming platforms such as Spotify and the NZ hot singles charts, where the duo have had a #2 hit in Vibe Wit’Cha and #4 hit in Dreamstate.

Sam’s work has interestingly been likened to the likes of Craig David, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Brian Mcknight, D’angelo and Brandy. This diverse cohort pays testament to Sam’s ability as not only a vocalist but also as a rapper and creative. Sam looks to utilise his skill in harmony, melisma and feel to leave his stamp on the industry.

Make sure to keep tabs on this young character as he treads his way into the fray. Kia orana and tu meke.



Want to enquire about Sam for songwriting, upcoming performances, bookings or releases?

Auckland New Zealand 1010

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